Free Publicity for Entrepreneurs

Free Publicity for Online and Brick & Mortar

In the last couple of years, I’ve come across an amazing, no-cost way to obtain great publicity for your company, website, or organization. And all it takes is a little elbow power (or a few bucks to hire a writer with same) and the information about where and how to get the notice.

Today there are over 300,000 online newsletters and electronic magazines (often called _ezines- for short) and the numbers grow daily. They cover virtually any topic you can think of, ranging from working at home to parenting to genealogy.

But here’s the biggest secret of all: Most of them rely on outside contributors for their information. In fact, many ezine publishers are starving for quality content. Consequently, they need experts (and you are an expert on something, aren’t you?) to provide short articles, tips, and advice to their readers. And we’re not talking major treatises or giant tomes here; most ezines publish articles as short as a paragraph or two.

Usually, you won’t get paid a dime for your contribution. However, because the publication will run your byline (which includes your name, company, and address — either physical or cyber), you’ll end up getting leads in the dozens or hundreds every time your article runs.

That’s dozens or hundreds of new visitors to your shop, website, or publication. For free. So, just how do you go about finding ezines that want what you have to contribute? Well, you can find and approach individual publishers and offer your articles or tips. But that’s often time-consuming, frustrating, and difficult.

The single best approach is simply to post your contribution to one of the growing number of free article distribution services that are sprouting up across the Web.

These services are frequented by ezine publishers looking for content and posting information about your article is the quickest way to get noticed. Depending upon the individual service, to post your article on their site, set up an autoresponder (a reply service that sends your article automatically to anyone who requests it, all without your intervention), or include the article or information about it in an online announcement service that they offer.

Here are my favorite places to announce your articles:

Business Opportunities and Classifieds OnlineGeared strictly for small and home office businesses, this site features articles from business writers and professionals on related topics.

CyberProsper websiteFocuses on Internet marketing. If selected, your article will receive its own webpage and be linked to the CyberProsper home page.

EzineArticles websiteProvides an ezine and a website with archived and autoresponder-based articles. Selected articles will be referenced in the daily or weekly version of the ezine.

Ezine Factory websitePublishers can download and reprint the articles stored at this site free of charge. Authors can add articles to the site once they have been accepted by the webmaster.

Free Content ezineThis ezine lets authors submit article summaries and publishers list needs. The editor prefers article summaries, but recent issues of the ezine have included complete works.

IdeaMarketers website A very thorough site. If you’re looking for broad exposure, I’d make this one of your first stops. You actually post your complete article to the site.

InfoZone website This one offers a pretty thorough directory of articles designed for both publishers and authors alike. All articles are stored online at the InfoZone site, and you can also link to your site.

IQLibrary websiteThis site is a new one and is owned by my company, Our plan is to offer a broad range of professional, business, how-to, computing, and Internet articles for publishers to use. However, we will be highly selective in the authors that we include at the site. Please check back frequently to see what we’ve added.

LRS Marketing websiteThis site offers several Internet marketing articles by some of the better known names in the business. Check out the site at: Send articles to

MediaPeak website Provides free content to over 2,000 online publishers. The content is distributed to publishers via an email service, to which you can subscribe by sending a blank e-mail to: Submit complete articles and up to four-line tag lines to or Articles are archived at the following website: The site also has a content exchange section where publishers announce their needs.

PublishInYours ezine Designed primarily for you to post complete articles. Web-Source websiteYou can submit your article reference, as long as it’s in an autoresponder, to the website at the following address: You can also subscribe to and submit articles to the companion ezine, the Writer and Publisher Connection, by sending a blank e-mail to:

WriteBusiness website In the _Articles Reprint_ section. Writers & Publishers Online ezine If you’re a publisher with article needs, or an author with articles you want to distribute to online publications, send a summary of your needs to: To subscribe to this excellent monthly publication, I suggest subscribing first to get a feel for the style of the publication and the format of your submissions.

Michael Werner is the former President and founder of two-time INC. 500 company, InfoSource, Inc. He is currently the CEO of, a publisher of how-to, business, computing, and Internet ebooks and tools. You can subscribe to the company’s award-winning, all original-content ezine, The DirtSmart Netpreneur, featuring weekly news and tools for the small enterprise and home-based business webmaster.

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