On The Path to Truth/ W Author J.J. Michael: Rhonica’s Notebook

By Rhonica Wesley

Combining both her love of writing and studying metaphysics, author and Spiritual Diva J.J. Michael is living out her wildest dream. Her genre includes both fiction and non-fiction metaphysical/spiritual books with a touch of Christian fiction and romance. The RAWSISTAZ Review states, “IT’S NOT OVER YET by J. J. Michael is an engrossing novel about spirituality, love, mystery, intrigue and suspense. It is well written and the many characters are developed into unforgettable people who push the story forward with magnificent speed. Each person has his/her own story and intrigue. It is a book that once you pick it up, you can’t put it down”

A graduate of Howard University and the University of Maryland, Ms. Michael worked for many years as an administrative librarian. She loves traveling to sacred sites around the world collecting ancient and historical artifacts. A certified Chios Master Teacher and Healer, she does intuitive numerology and healing when not writing. Intriguing enough, Ms Michael’s story goes a lot deeper.

In her first book, Path to Truth, she describes how at the age of fifteen years old she discovered a book on reincarnation. “At that time, I had no idea that The Search for Bridey Murphy by Morey Bernstein would unlock a door to a wealth of spiritual information that set the course of my life. I have spent my lifetime pursuing spiritual wisdom. It is who I am,” says Ms. Michael.

It’s no secret that when you speak with author J.J Michael she can hold your attention, and pique your interest with her love and dedication to the subject matter of spiritual wisdom and metaphysics. For most of us when it comes to the world of metaphysics we don’t completely understand the big picture. As explained by Ms. Michael, a simple definition for metaphysics is anything beyond the physical world. For example, if one is able to see into future, he or she is clairvoyant. This would fall under metaphysics. Furthermore, subjects such as astrology, numerology, palmistry, energy healing, and mediumship would fall under metaphysics. Spiritual wisdom is the esoteric knowledge or truth laws that govern the world. You can lean more about the spiritual laws such as the Law of Attraction in Ms. Michael’s nonfiction book: Path to Truth.

If asked why she picked the subject of metaphysics and spiritual wisdom to write about, Ms. Michael states, “I find it exhilarating to take a ‘truth concept” and weave it into a fictional story. I have received many letters from readers telling me how Life is Never as It Seems, was a page-turner and full of life lessons that made them think about their own lives. It is gratifying to know this because my purpose in writing psychic fiction is to offer the reader an entertaining but thought-provoking book.”

A resident of Washington, D.C., author J.J. Michael enjoys spending time with her family and is active in her sorority, Delta Sigma Theta. It’s Not over Yet, Life is Never as It Seems, and Path to Truth: a Spiritual Guide to Higher Consciousness can be purchased from: Amazon.com, Barnes and Nobles, and iUniverse.com (Path to Truth only). The ebook version of Path to Truth may be downloaded from Ms. Michael’s website. For more information on events, and book signings please visit her site at www.jjmichael.org.

Interview W/ JJ Michael

R.W. – What exactly is Metaphysics?

J.J. – The term metaphysics is the study of that which transcends physics especially dealing with the nature of reality. Metaphysics also represents the mystical and occult. This definition of metaphysics serves as a bridge between the physical reality and the mystical reality.

R.W. – . I understand that you write fiction and non-fiction metaphysical books. what set you on this path?

J.J. – I come from a family of storytellers and people with great imaginations and intuitive abilities. To gather at my grandmother’s home on Friday nights to dance, sing and tell stories played a significant part in the creation of my works. Since early childhood, I have always been involved in metaphysics/spirituality. I combined my two most important dreams: writing and metaphysics— into my books.

R.W. – I read that you love traveling to sacred sites. What are some of the sites that you have travel to in the past?

J.J. – As a student of many years of metaphysical principles and spirituality, I had always wanted to visit the sacred sites of the world and experience the energies of these places. One of my first trips was the Teotihuacan pyramid in Mexico. Later I visited and climbed the vortices of Sedona, Arizona. While vacating in Puerto Rico, I found an Islamic designed platter full of sacred Masonic geometries. Two months later, I was in Scotland visiting the Roslyn Chapel built in 1446 by the Knights Templar. Two of my favorite sites are Machu Picchu (Peru) and Stonehenge (UK). I am planning to go to Kemet (Egypt) and return to the UK to see the crop circles and the oldest church in Glastonbury (UK). One day I hope to get to Tibet, India and Easter Island.

R.W. – You are a certified Chios Master Teacher and Healer. What exactly does this involve?

J.J.-Chios is a relatively new Energy Healing modality that treats the root causes of energetic illness in the human energy field (aura and chakras). It also includes an integral meditation method (Chios Meditation), which is especially designed to bring out the psychic abilities necessary for a healer practicing this type of healing. As a medical intuitive, I see colors and energy patterns surrounding a person indicating his or her physical, emotional, mental and spiritual challenges. Using the Chios Healing Modality, I unblock, release, or move the energy to create health. Find out more about Chios at http://www.pathtotruth.com

R.W. – What are your plans for the future? What projects are you working on?

J.J. – I plan to continue writing, traveling and living life to the fullest. I am working on the third book in the trilogy and an anthology of short stories.

Path2truth Ezine

The Path 2truth ezine celebrated ten years of publication in 2007. It is one of my major accomplishments. I even have readers who have been with me that long. The ezine promotes self-realization and world peace. Readers can sign up for it on my website: http://www.jjmichael.org

More Quick Info on “Author and Spiritual Diva” J.J. Michael

  • First book, Life is Never as It Seems, is being released as a mass market paperback in March 2008, with a hot new cover.
  • Promoting Life is Never as It Seems and the sequel, It’s Not Over Yet.
  • Participating in the United Black Writer’s Guild annual Black History literary affair on February 23 in Md.
  • In February, readers can chat with J.J through the Sankofa Literary Society Black History Book Fair.
  • The last of April, she will be participating in the Romance Slam Jam in Chicago.
  • Flying to Houston, Texas for the National Black Book club Fair in May
  • Orlando in July for the Delta Sigma Theta’s annual conference.

Readers can check for more events and updates at www.jjmichael.org


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