Obama Ain’t Black Enough: Rhonica’s Notebook:By Rhonica Wesley

I was just casually scanning the internet for info on the 2008 campaign, when I ran across an article that said Barack Obama was not black enough. Of course I was shocked and at the same time thinking here we go again. Honestly the man did not choose his nationality, could they be speaking of that? Perhaps they meant his mannerism. I scanned around some more and saw “Obama white power with a black face.” That’s just horrible. Instead of shooting this man down we should admire what he is doing. instead we are finding fault in him early because he does not wear gators in different colors and have a press-n-curl. In this article that I read It said that other blacks who had run such as, the Revernd Al Sharpton were Black enough  Ok so by now you know that i’m not only laughing I’m really confused.

Don’t get me wrong Al sharpton Is great… when it’s time to march when such events occur like “Jena 6.” He has a way of getting things done, but do we really want him in the white house?  Running a country has a lot more to do with than color or mannerism. One false move from our leader and the world could end in a heart beat. being president is not a job to be taken lightly and given to someone who we think will be for “us”. Wake up, we can’t even control our neighborhoods just yet. To me both Mr. Obama and his wife don’t deserve the slandering. We as blacks have instilled in ourselves so long what is black and what is white until we forget that every one is different. You mean to tell me just because I speak correctly and may every once and a while enjoy classical music that I am not black enough. So i’m guessing these same people who are saying that Obama is not black enough will vote for Hilary Clinton.  Remember this, just because her husband was great in office does not mean she will do things like he did.

Half of us do not vote anymore anyways. We keep saying “Child I need to go to the courthouse and vote.” but we never make it. Then when things start to happen we want to get mad at work and start snapping at customers and co-workers. Martin Luther King went through a lot for us to be able to vote, and we don’t even do so. I think that it is sad that the generation before us had to fight and get fought just for us to have the privileges we have, and we don’t even use them.

Persoanally I wouldn’t care If mickey mouse got the job… just keep Bush and his drunken twins out.  Anyone who makes up words like recordify…does not need to be running a country, or for that fact a corner store.

*The humor in this article is just what it is humor…we know how some people like to burn peoples cds because they said something about BUSH… burn my books if you want it will only draw attention to me…..this is in no way a publicity stunt *smirk*


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