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monicactagoretiny.jpg      March 28, 2008


‘Hope’, ‘change’ have impact beyond presidential stump speeches
Author gives strategies for Americans to deal with their own personal woes

SHREVEPORT, LA – “Hope” and “change” dominate the campaign trail these days, as candidates debate whether the words are about substance or just show, but these are actually two important words that are essential for this country’s growth as well as the growth of individuals and families, said author Monica Carter Tagore.

 “‘Hope’ and ‘change’ may be bandied about quite a bit thanks to this campaign season, but these words are actually key to any progress we are to make – whether on a national or global level, or on an individual level,” said Tagore, newspaper columnist and author of Zoom Power: Your Key to Hitting Your Personal, Business and Financial Targets. “And right now, a lot of people desperately need hope, if their lives are to see any real change.”
 Tagore points to a worsening of family finances, rising foreclosure rate and a high divorce rate as social elements that can be affected to some degree by hope. “If more people had hope, we’d not be in the state we are.”

Many people give up on their circumstances because they see no possibility they can become better. Hope, though, Tagore said, inspires people to find ways to change their own circumstances, rather than wait for others to do it.

“Many of these people suffer more than necessary because they truly do not have any hope that things will get better. But when we can help them see the possibilities of change, then we can inspire them to make strides to create those changes. Those strides can include seeking better jobs, completing their education, launching businesses – anything to change the status quo.”

  Presidential candidate Barack Obama has given new prominence to the words “hope” and “change,” and has inspired millions of people across the country to participate in the political process, some for the first time. “Obama has touched on something that is essential to the progress of the human condition, and that is ‘hope.'”

 Many skeptics discount the importance of hope, or decry its efficacy beyond a first blush of optimism, but Tagore said those who discount hope miss the point. “Hope isn’t about an unreasoned, naïve guess that things could somehow be different,” she said. “Instead, hope is about seeing the possibility of an opportunity – and then moving to take the opportunity.”

 It is the taking of the opportunity that creates the change, Tagore said. “Hope is our first glimpse that things can be different. Change is the manifestation of our belief. What happens between hope and change is our action, and that is essential.”

 Tagore helps people turn hopes into goals and goals into plans, in her book, Zoom Power: Your Key to Hitting Your Personal, Business and Financial Targets. She said it’s not that most people do not want a better life; it’s that they do not know how to create that better life.

 Hope is the number one ingredient to success – no matter how large or small the task. It also is the start of changing the lives of millions of Americans. “From first helping people to see hope in their situations, we can then help people educate themselves about the means they can take to make the changes they dream of making.”
 Tagore gives five ways individuals can take hope beyond rhetoric to make it a part of real change in their lives:

1. Examine the benefit of making the change you now see possible.
2.  Seek information to help you move toward realizing the hope-inspired goal.
3. Seek allies who can help you accomplish your goal.
4. Work on your own deficiencies – things you see as weaknesses — that stand between you and your goal.
5. Put into place a plan to use the information, allies and resources to create the change you seek.

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One comment on “Monica Carter Tagore: ‘Hope’ Press Release

  1. Monica Carter Tagore is the author of Zoom Power: Your Key to Hitting Your Personal, Business and Financial Targets. Zoom Power provides tools, tips and strategies to help readers achieve important goals. (She also is a bestselling fiction author.)

    Monica Carter Tagore’s ability to share insight is not limited to the written word. She also is a noted speaker, trained by internationally known speaker Les Brown. She has been a speaker at many venues, including Louisiana State University at Shreveport, Northwestern State University and Southern University at Shreveport. She has given keynote addresses at awards events, graduations and business functions. Her keynotes include Bossier Parish Community College’s graduation and the 2007 Athena Awards.

    Monica Carter Tagore is a founding board member of the Divine Literary Tour, which promotes literacy and authors, while raising money for academic scholarships for needy students.

    Monica Carter Tagore, a former journalist, is a graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi.

    View her online media kit for more information.

    Posted by Ella Curry of EDC Creations, producer of the 2008 Virtual Book Tour for author Monica Carter Tagore.

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