Happy Spring Beautiful People! Wow, it’s hard to believe that it is May already.The weather is warming, flowers are blooming and we are spending more and more time outside.  I hope that you all are well on your way to accomplishing the goals you’ve set for 2008. Remember, 2008 is the year of new beginnings.

This month, PassionScape features author and poet, Péron F. Long. His list of titles includes If It Ain’t Right, It’s Wrong and the recently released Pulpit Confessions. Péron is also a wonderfully talented poet.

I was fortunate to have the oppportunity to briefly interview Péron about his art of writing.

HM: I really enjoyed your poetic piece, Southern Swagger Girl. What inspired the poem Southern Swagger Girl?
PFL: I attended a Frankie Beverly and Maze concert back in Oct. 07 and as they were singing “Southern Girl” thoughts began playing in my head, later that night I “Love Jones” came on and before I knew it the words to the poem were there.

HM: I have read several of your poems. Are there any plans for a book of poetry?
PFL: No Plans for a book of poetry. In reality I am not a poet, I only dabble in it from time to time. You know when the words appear.

HM: Tell us about your latest release Pulpit Confessions.
PFL: Pure DRAMA! LOL…. Pulpit Confessions is a story about transgressions and ultimately conviction.  Basically we often see the outside of people. We never really get the opportunity to understand fully those who walk in the Light.  I set out to create a story that chronicled the life of one individual that went full circle in how he was created into the person that he had become, who wrestled with the person he actually was.

HM: How would you describe your writing style?
PFL: I’m not even sure if I know what it is. If you read each of my works you will see that all are quite different.  I work hard at trying to create entertaining stories while at the same time provoke societal views.

HM: Do you base any of your work on real life experiences?
PFL: I have used small amounts of real life experiences as a base but for the most part, my work is about 95% imagination.

HM: What is the message that you want readers of Pulpit Confessions to come away with?
PFL: The message that I hope to relay is one of understanding not only of conviction, but the process of conviction.  We as a society often look for the results before the process.   I always tell people that Salvation is a daily journey for some while a lifetime struggle for others.  Without process there can be no positive results. 

HM: What is next from Peron F. Long?
PFL: My Next book “Livin’ Ain’t Easy” will be released in January 09 from Urban Books.  I am also currently working on a new project “The First Person.”

HM: What lessons have you learned as an author that you would like to share with aspiring writers?
PFL: The most important things that I’ve learned that I often share with others, is do your research, hone your skill, do your research, hone your skill, do your…..Okay you get the point right? LOL….


Here is Péron F. Long’s lyric piece Southern Swagger Girl


Southern Swagger Girl


When You Walked Into That Room Girl
Displaying Your Southern Swagger Girl
Had My Mind So Confused Girl
Cause You Had Me In Such A Way Girl
I Just Couldn’t Find The Words To Say Girl
All The Things My Mind It Wanted To Relay Girl
I…Err….Uhh….Ummmm….Heaven Bless My Soul Girl
For Your Southern Swagger Has Taken Control Girl
As I Bumble, Mutter, And Slumber Girl
I Can’t Help But Remember That One Fine Day Girl
When You Asked If I Was Your Darius Lovehall Girl
You Made My Heart Dance A Jig Girl
But Still I Must Tell You Girl
That Love Jones Ain’t Got A Thing On Us Girl
Cause It’s Your Southern Swagger Girl
That Has Taken Me To A New Dimension Girl
As I Continue to Sputter, Stumble, and Stutter Girl
I Can’t Help But Realize Girl
That Nina Mosely Ain’t Got Nothing On You Girl
For I Never Knew Love Could Feel So Just Girl
Through All The Pains And Lust I’ve Seen Girl
My Lord You Killing Me Softly Girl
I Say This Cause For My Heart It’s So Costly Girl
I….Err…Uhh….Ummmm….Oh Lord Have Mercy On My Soul Girl
For Your Southern Swagger Has Taken Control Girl
One More Time Let Me Tell You Girl
Love Jones Ain’t Got SHI…..Ahh …Let Me Hush My Mouth Girl
But It’s Your Southern Swagger Girl
That Has Me Saying And Displaying New Things Girl
I Wish I Could Explain Girl
But All Of This It Happened So Fast Girl
Now I Understand Why Jesus Wept Girl
For Your Southern Swagger Has Taken Control Girl
Péron F. Long ©2007 all rights reserved

Find out more about Péron F. Long by visiting ,  and
Pulpit Confessions  and If It Ain’t Right, It’s Wrong are available for purchase at or wherever books are sold.








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