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Review from OOOSA Books

Family…Secrets, Lies & Alibis
Category: Writing and Poetry

5.0 out of 5 stars The Family Drama

DQ Mince is a sophisticated and prosperous man. What woman wouldn’t want that? However, DQ is married to Tonya. Even so, he doesn’t let that hinder his relationship with Nikki. Both women have learned to accept the infidelity and their relationships eventually progress over time, producing children: Rell, Dershai, and Derek. The children grow up never knowing about one another, until…death strikes.

DQ’s death leaves his son Rell executor of his estate. Little does Rell know of all the secrets, lies, and alibis that were created by his father. Grandmother Nana is the only one that really knows the truth. Will Nana’s news be too unbearable for the family? Will it destroy what is left of the family?

“Family…Secrets, Lies & Alibis” is the best drama I’ve read in 2008! Nanette M. Buchanan really did a good job – enjoyed every page! It’s a page-turner! This novel reminds me of the drama within my own family, and I’m sure others will relate as well. If you like drama, you’ll love this book! I’m looking forward to reading more books in the future from Nanette M. Buchanan.

Reviewed by: Tekisha


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