A Sketch of A Man

The Sketch of a Man

I watched you enter the room from a distance
you see you were a mere fantasy
Someone I envisioned only in my mind, never a reality.
From your shoulder length dreads to the soles of your feet
A sketch a silhouette, never really complete

I watched you enter the room from a distance
as a vision in a dimmed romantic light
Your aura brings erotic warmth
I close my eyes pleased to sketch with no sight
I await for your touch, your passionate embrace.
I use my hands tenderly outlining the features of your beautiful face.
Your skin, your pores, the rhythm as you breathe
My fingers touch your lips as you whisper, “Baby Please”

Your biceps, triceps, shoulders and chest,
The sketching of your sculptured body is my imagination at its best
I feel myself tremble in anticipation as your presence lays me on my back
I watch your moves as you join me
God’s creation, man, my man in fact.

Your hips rise slowly allowing your body to touch mine
The heat increases from the friction as we become entwined.
There is no sounds of discomfort though my vision is beginning to fade
I pull you closer wanting you, loving you, “I love when you love me this way”

Our pace is increasing as the sweat beads on my breast
My imagination is bringing on that climax, “Please make me say yes.”
My thighs are quivering, I want to take it slow
You’ve touched my g spot more than once,
I know I’m going to explode.

I close my eyes knowing we are both satisfied,
And though I watch you cross the floor I can still feel you inside.
The aura in the room is peaceful, as I doze off to sleep
You’ll always be that sketch of a man, never really complete
I hear the door closing behind you
A real man wouldn’t have to creep

Copyright 2008
Author, Nanette M Buchanan


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