Why I wrote, “Family Secrets, Lies & Alibi’s”

I was raised as an only child, but lived with a cousin who was an only child also. I shared my home with her, my mother and step father. I didn’t meet my real father until I was graduating from high school on my way to college. It was then I was told I had two brothers, one older, one younger. To this date (I’m now a grandmother) I have not met either of them. I have often wondered if our paths crossed. Did we attend some of the same events? Well you get the idea.

I married my husband and he has a sister and two brothers but his sister is handicapped and he often wondered what having a sister would be like if she hadn’t been paralyzed on one side and unable to speak. I had been working with a young woman who had recently lost her brother. At the funeral she was told by members of his father’s family that she need not contact them since she was not a “real” family member. They had different father’s. She began questioning me about my husband. She had been told that her father had the same name as my husbands. I had known this woman for ten years and she never questioned it but after her lost she wanted to connect with her father’s other children. It was my husband, his brothers, and his sister that were missing in her life as she was in their’s.

“Family Secrets, Lies & Alibi’s was sparked from the thought…. What if they had met after the death of their father and no one told them the truth. My husband knew nothing about her. Suppose their paths had crossed and they did meet on a level of dating, relationships, suppose they didn’t have a strong family tie. What would the out come be? Most of us immediately say incest. We tend to forget they have no idea they’re related (The Family Secret), no one told the truth when asked (Lies) and the father is dead. (and Alibi’s).

Please visit my site and purchase my debut novel: http://www.myspace.com/ipendesigns

It presents the drama, unveils the truth and …..well you tell me.


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