Family Secrets Lies & Alibi’s – A Must Read

You received the phone call, your loved one has died.
Over the past two years your relationship has been frayed, separated by Secrets & Lies.

As executor of the will, you find there are more legal ties.
More family, people you don’t know, more Secrets & Lies

Money changes people they all seek what has been left by your loved one the decease
You’ve been put in an uncomfortable position, you need an emotional release.

Your girl is a “gold digger” this you already know,
With the estate making you wealthy your relationship is about to blow

There’s one you’ve been talking to, she’s been tugging at your heart
You spend the week spending steamy moments with her setting off emotional sparks

Neither of you know the connection you’ve found a new beginning, a new love
But from the grave your father’s Secrets & Lies reveal another shock, you need help from above.

You find yourself dealing with a wife and family you never knew he had
You look at those expecting part of his estate and now you’re questioning “Dad”

Can a life that held Secrets & Lies reach you from the grave?
Can your family be the same, can new relationships be saved?

Will the wife finally confront the mistress who has been in her marriage from the start?
Will the mistress find she is the only woman who held the deceased close to her heart?

Can the son understand why his father didn’t tell his Secrets are there more Lies does he have an Alibi?
Will he lose his new love or find the truth while keeping his own secrets those he must hide.

Will the Mince family be secured as they were before D.Q.’s death?
You’ll have to read…..Family Secret’s Lies & Albi’s to learn the rest.


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