Enough- An Abusive Solution


Yes, 911, Warren Street the house number is ten.
The cops, an ambulance, and the crisis unit. Send someone for his girlfriend.
Oh, I’m sorry, what’s that you say?
Okay, I’ll hold on, where would I go anyway?

They’ve got me on hold, I’ll talk to you while I wait,
Uh, yes that’s right he just walked in, I know it’s late.
You see, it was a routine that he’s had for a while.
I was sick of his lying through his teeth, grinning, and wanting me to smile.

Uh, yes, Warren Street, where you frequently send a car
The last time they just walked in the front door was ajar.
The cops came in, he told them he was playing it all a bad joke
They saw the marks he left around my throat

Huh? I don’t know her name she came to my door
What the hell did she think, what did she take me for
I put up with his shit as long as I could,
I was trying keep house and raise these kids, she just said she misunderstood

Operator, did you call for the car, shit as usual they’ll come to the hood last
I put up with his complaining and whooping my ass
That night I almost lost consciousness, I wasn’t breathing all I could do was gasp.

Yes, yes I’m not hysterical this is the quiet after the storm
I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I know this kinda call ain’t your norm
Uh, yes I heard you say they would be right here
Can I just explain why, I had a new fear.

He told me his new bitch was young
He said with her he found new fun
My daughter, see she just turned eighteen,
Damn, I don’t even know how to explain this scene

Now, she’s seen me get beat, knocked to the floor
But he always said she was who he adored.
My daughter entered the room screaming for him to stop
He smiled, grabbed her and ripped off her top

He yelled he was sorry as she tried to cover her budding breast
Oh, the cops are here I’ll tell them the rest.
Yes, officer he’s over there.
When the gun went off he fell in the chair.

I pulled the trigger. I don’t know if he’s dead.
The round went off, there’s the hold over his head.
Officer’s since this call is based on abuse,
If he’s not dead, can you promise not to let him loose.

The officer turned just shaking his head,
“No Ma’am, that’s for the court, he’s been hit but he’s not dead.”
The bastard didn’t file charges, the court gave me probation.
And to think that night should have been my motivation.

Yes, operator I know I was on hold,
I just was wondering how much violence will break this mold
No, uh no ma’am I didn’t touch him this time
You see, I decided he wasn’t worth me losing my mind

Yes, I do need the cops, the ambulance send the crisis unit too.
This bitch, see she showed up and didn’t know what to do.
She claimed he beat her in the face last night, she says she was raped
He entered the room while she was confessing to everything from their first date.

He raised his hand to swing at her there was a blast and he fell in that same old chair
You see this time the bullet caught him in mid air.
She came to kill my husband, her lover, the man with the abusive hand
Did you send the car or do you need the address again?

I don’t know her name, who cares the violence has ceased
From what she’s told me we’ll both live in peace.
Please hurry just send the police,
Damn girl the address is ten Warren Street.


Author, Nanette M. Buchanan

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