How to pay for your book dream

A Literary Diva needs money. If you’re looking for a way to fund your literary dream, then you’ve got to get creative. Sometimes (most times) it means putting your own money into the project. You can scrimp and save and squeeze money from your personal budget to pay for your book’s editing, design, printing, publicity, whatever you need. Other times it means leaning on friends and family for a few nickles and dimes. Still other times, you may come up with an idea to raise money for this project by selling something else, such as selling your consulting services and using the money you earn from that to pay for your book.

But you may have another option to fund your business — through business loans. In my interview with Bryant Moore, a former loan officer and now a minority business procurement specialist, you receive some suggestions for getting capital to move your book business forward. Check it out at and see what you need to do to make your loan application look good to the banker.

Your book dream doesn’t have to languish because you don’t have the money. There are many options, you just have to position yourself to be able to pursue them. That means saving for your book operation, raising money for it or securing loans. What are you doing to fund your book dream?

Be creative about what you know

The Literary Diva has at her disposal a tremendous wealth of knowledge — starting with her own. She is savvy, smart and successful. If this sounds like you, then what are you going to do with what you know? It’s great to sit around talking about all that you know with your friends, but why not share that information with strangers who would pay?

Consider where your knowledge lies. Do you need to write a book to share a new way of doing business? What about a book that uses what you know to help others deal with trying or difficult situations? Is there a unique understanding that you bring which you can now use to empower others on the way to their dreams?

Writing is powerful, as any Literary Diva knows. When you’re considering how you can share what you know in a meaningful way, use the power of the pen to create a lasting project that can stand the test of time. Be creative. That means coming up with new ways to address old problems. It means writing your nonfiction book with your potential reader in mind — and not just writing based on what you want. When you write with the reader in mind, that forces you to study your market and produce what that market wants.

And that’s a way to help you create a true impact, stemming from what you know. Your knowledge truly is your wealth. So turn what you know into a marketable book so others can learn from what you have to say.

In my latest book, Zoom Power: Your Key to Hitting Your Personal, Business and Financial Targets, I share tools, tips and strategies to help people create success in their everyday lives. I wrote what I knew from my own experiences as a successful business owner, journalist, author and speaker, but I also interviewed others who have had success in their fields so they could speak to my readers. As a former journalist, I relied on the skills I gained as a newspaper reporter to research and interview. Using what I know has been an awesome way to touch the lives of others. I’ve been able to conduct workshops, give keynote speeches, mentor and coach, all because I decided to be creative about what I know so I can help others.

What about you? What do you know that people would pay to learn?


Speak it, write it — make it happen

It’s been wonderful posting here, and we’ve had some interesting conversations about success and aspirations. I wanted to leave you with a word from this weekend’s sermon: Speak now!

You see, I almost wanted to record this weekend’s sermon and send it out to everyone I’ve been speaking to and say, “Look, see, the pastor agrees!”

I visited a church this weekend to witness the christening of our newest family member. That day’s sermon was about prayer and speaking into existence that which we want to happen in our lives. I’ve been talking a lot lately about that very same thing in my discussions of my latest book Zoom Power: Your Key to Hitting Your Personal, Business and Financial Targets. Zoom Power is about the ability to manifest that which you want in your life.

Speak what you want to happen, then take it a step further and do what we discuss in Zoom Power, and put pen to paper. Write it down. Put together a plan to make your goals happen. Speaking is wonderful because it begins to program our minds to move toward that which we have spoken, and it invites our faith, and writing it down helps to solidify those thoughts by forcing us to focus on the steps to making it come to fruition.

Whether it’s presented in the pulpit or in this blog post or in a speech somewhere, the point remains: Your achievement starts first with your thoughts. Then move on to action. And I’m here to help. Get more tips and info about turning your creative dream into a done deal at our Web site,

So go ahead. Speak that book into existence. Speak that new business into existence. Speak that promotion into existence. Speak it, write it and do it.


It starts with you – your life is your own

I had lunch today with a young woman I mentor and gave it to her pretty much the way I’m giving it to you: If you want a better result, you have to make better choices. Period.

For this young woman, I wanted to encourage her to continue to make good decisions. She had some bad turns, as we all have, but now she’s doing all right. And she can keep doing all right, if she keeps making good choices. What she is starting to realize is that her life is the result of the decisions she makes. When she was making bad decisions, she was in a bad way. Now that she is making better decisions, her life is vastly improved.

In chapter 11 of my latest book, Zoom Power: Your Key to Hitting Your Personal, Business and Financial Targets, I give you the push you need to stop looking at others’ shortcomings and start looking at your own ability to do what you need to have what you want.

I tear away all the excuses we give for our own poor circumstances: We blame our parents for what they did or didn’t do when we were children. We blame our bosses for our inability to get ahead on the job. We blame “the man” for our issues in society. We blame those we date for our unhappiness. The list goes on. Many of those can be contributing factors, but none of those are the reasons for where we are in life. The reasons for our current state in life are simple: our choices.

What this means for a Literary Diva is she gets to take steps — starting now — to create a different reality. Is it always easy? Of course not. But neither is learning to drive, yet we still make a point to do that as young people.

Zoom Power is the ultimate empowerment guide. It gives you the push you need to realize you get to take charge of your life and create what you want. That’s a huge responsibility. And it’s also a tremendous opportunity.

The Literary Diva doesn’t spend her time bemoaning what others are doing to her. She gets out and creates her own game plan. And like the young woman I spoke with earlier today, the Literary Diva realizes she can either make choices that lead to a good life, or she can make choices that lead to a tougher life. Which life do you choose?





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