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SLS Paradigm Shift
  Moving Literature to New Dimensions

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Thank you for entering the SLS Pradigm Shift: Moving African-American Literature to New Dimensions.   Come inside and explore resources about African-American relationships, communities, books, authors, and creative writing.

Also, providing readers with a “behind the book look” at the life and times of today’s writers and authors. Do you want to write a book?  Do you want to share your poetry? You have made the Shift….now flaunt it!

We would like for anyone who joins SLS Paradigm Shift … to develop and/or have a voice.  Voice is so important for writers, poets, authors, and for us as African Americans who have been so long denied, and still are not given opportunities to speak our heart felt truths. I believe this is why so many African Americans have turned to self-publishing–not only for the financial freedom, but also the most celebrated artistic freedom.  All within will be nurtured, cultivated, and supported along with the writers who join and participate in SLS Paradigm Shift.

Our mission here at SLS Paradigm Shift… is for you to see an increase in how much you are writing, for us to help you to finish the projects your start either on paper or in your head, and to become the writer you want to be, the best writer you can be, a person who is living the full potential of a writing life.

Our aim is to energize you to achieve the goals of your heart and soul through your membership and participation of SLS Paradigm Shift…That you will tell others and they will join and that we all will be helped to write to our hearts’ content.

 Thank you,
Ella Curry, president of EDC Creations



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  1. Meet The Sankofa Literary Society

    For more details visit here.

    Sankofa is an Akan word that means, “We must go back and reclaim our past so we can move forward; so we understand why and how we came to be who we are today.” The symbol is based on a mythical bird that flies forwards with its head turned backwards. This reflects the Akan belief that the past serves as a guide for planning the future, or the wisdom in learning from the past in building the future.

    The Akan believe that there must be movement with the times, but as the forward march proceeds, the gems must be picked from behind and carried forward on the march. We give thanks to all those who helped us get to where we are today. This group “must go back and bring forth” all those who have a dream and are not afraid to work at seeing it in living color.

    The Sankofa Literary Society and EDC Creations provides authors, artists, reviewers, journalist and book clubs, innovative website design advice, marketing and branding tips with a special focus on the African American literary community. We provide a venue, in the spirit of Sankofa, to showcase our newcomers and old friends in the literary world. The SLS was founded by Ella Curry, the owner of EDC Creations to give back to the literary community the things she has learned while building her vast literary network.


    What the SLS Has To Offer–Enter the SLS Paradigm Shift

    Sankofa Literary Events Bookstore
    You may purchase the books related to our featured shows and author chats, in our SLS Events Bookstore. Check the store often, because we change our front page theme often.



    SLS Audio Book-club | Daily Book Previews

    SLS Audio Book-club is for all book lovers who want to receive daily book previews in their email account. Authors and poets will reading from their latest releases and share their news, as well as their latest events. As a member of the SLS Audio Book-club you are able to win free books and to be invited to private chats with today’s hottest authors. You may sign up for our SLS Audio Book-club by visiting our website and entering your email address. The sign up box is at the top of the page, in the left hand corner. We hope to see you on the next release!

    Authors if you want to have your book showcased in the SLS Audio-Bookclub, email Ella Curry at:

    Enter SLS Book-club:


    The Black Authors Network (BAN) Talk Show
    The BAN Radio Talk Show is a open forum for ANY African-American community leader, concerned parent, book club, educator, writer, poet, or author to promote their products, services, or business. We are a “community voice” programmer! We welcome the African-American community to our radio show to showcase quality literature, provide insightful information and to share in the power of our collective voice.

    We aim to improve our image and to bring the PRIDE back into our global community. We are presenting seeking weekly co-hosts for the show! You are invited to host your own segment on the BAN Radio Talk Show. We welcome anyone with a positive message to deliver to the world! Just Ask, Ella.

    BAN Call-in Number: 646-200-0402
    BAN Website:
    BAN Online Newsletter:


    The Black Vibes 365 Talk Show
    Come join our round-table discussions each week as we tackle a number of topics relevant to improving literacy and our image within our community. Each week, The Black Vibes 365 Talk Show interviews special guest authors, community leaders, educators, and experts from various fields in publishing, who want to make a difference in the lives of Americans.

    This is the home of the “Intimate Conversations Series–Noon Day Quickies“. Tune in each day for a 30-minute Intimate Conversation interview with today’s hottest speakers! BV 365 also has its own newsletter of the audio interviews. Sign up today so you never miss a show, they will come to your email account!

    Contact Ella Curry if you would like to be included in our 30-minute noon day interviews at:

    Black Vibes 365 Call-in Number: (347) 324-5929

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    Parent Company-EDC Creations

    EDC Creations is a Prince George’s County, Maryland marketing, branding, and promotions firm that specializes in Internet book promotions and PR, graphic design, Internet marketing campaigns, publishing websites, and marketing materials for small to medium-size businesses, new authors and individuals. Our award-winning team offers exceptional design, outstanding service and quick turnaround time without the high costs, impersonal attitude and expensive rates of a larger marketing agency.

    The Sankofa Literary Society and EDC Creations provides authors, artists, reviewers, journalist and book clubs, innovative website design advice, marketing and branding tips with a special focus on the African American literary community.

    EDC Creations offers:

    Full-service direct and indirect marketing campaigns
    Exemplary graphic design and marketing materials
    Imaginative website and image development
    Impeccable book publicity campaigns
    Flawless Internet marketing plans

    We assist authors and businesses that are too busy to tackle the cyber- world or to take care of the behind the scenes activities of the day-to-day corporate front. We are virtual publicists, marketing specialists, book coaches and brand developers. Let us make life just a little easier!

    Main Website:

  2. martialarts says:

    Hi all great information here and good thread to comment on.

    I am an adict to training and really want to get to my best this year!

    Can I ask though – how did you get this picked up and into google news?

    Very impressive that this blog is syndicated through Google and is it something that is just up to Google or you actively created?

    Obviously this is a popular blog with great data so well done on your seo success..

  3. Linda Beed says:

    Hello Ella,

    I encourage you to continue what you do to help others. You are blessing lives of those you will never meet.


  4. Thank you Linda! I so love your spirit of giving. It feels like we are kindred spirits! Ella Curry, EDC Creations

  5. Greetings, Mrs. Curry.
    I am a children’s book author of a groundbreaking new books series published by Scholastic.
    The first two books of RUBY AND THE BOOKERS BOYS were released on July 1st of this year. Brand New School, brave new Ruby and Trivia Queen Third Grade Supreme have done extremely well and will be joined soon by book three on October 1st (The Slumber Party Payback).

    Ruby Booker is an eight year old talented, intelligent, sassy fashionista that will do anything to step out of the shadows of her superstar big brothers (the Booker boys). Ultimately, the series is about love of self, family, and community. Ruby and her fam, a young, Black, progressive family , fill a void in children’s lit that have been missing for years.

    I was just wondering how could I land an interview on the Black author network?

    I look forward to hearing from you. Please, continue all of the amazing work you do for Black authors.

    peace and blessings
    Derrick Barnes

  6. Hello Derrick,
    Thank you for the wonderful post. You can become a guest on BAN by emailing me at: with your presskit.


  7. Hello there, Chosen One, I am so looking forward to being on your show tomorrow. I’ll open my mouth wide believing that God will fill it up. I pray that God will continue to use your show to bless many! Amen. So be it!

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