Motivation Extends My Soul


Motivation Extends My Soul

So many authors struggle to get the word out about there books, especially African American authors and writers. Many are passionate, but some give up too soon and if only they had persevered, they could have seen there dreams come true. And those who have been in the game long, can lose the motivation or will and may need to be reminded.


Motivation, persistence and passion are three qualities I believe that serious authors and writers need to have if they want to pursue there literary dreams. I would like to present a column that helps and provides encouragement to authors, so that they recognize they truly have what it takes to pursue there writing goals and dreams.


Outline of show:

The Motivation Extends Your Soul column will present motivational quotes/statements bi-weekly about pursuing your goals and dreams as a writer. Bi-weekly articles will be presented to this blog.  The articles will be focused on motivation and self-help as an author or writer. I’d also like to showcase other writer’s talents.  In this column, I will sometimes pose a question, answer it and ask for feedback or opinions from authors and readers.  The question could be a little controversial or have something to do with the struggles of writers or even news within the literary world. I’m open to ideas, so readers/authors post your comments.


Tinisha N. Johnson’s contact information:



Tinisha Nicole Johnson’s Writers/Author Bio:

Tinisha Nicole Johnson is an author, writer and poet. She is the author of the mystery novel Searchable Whereabouts. She writes for a local urban magazine in Denver , Colorado entitled, Denver’s Finest Underground.  She has written for the Chicken Soup for the African American Soul.


Tinisha is wife and mother of two and resides in Denver , Colorado . Tinisha has a Bachelors degree in Business Management.  When Tinisha isn’t writing, she loves to travel and spend time with her family.


Learn more about Tinisha at her website:


Tinisha Nicole Johnson

Proud Member of ASA (Authors Supporting Authors)

Xpress Yourself  Publishing ….
releasing debut novel Searchable Whereabouts February 1, 2008

Click on book cover to view book trailer

15 comments on “Motivation Extends My Soul

  1. tinisha says:

    What keeps an author/writer motivated to keep writing, even if they don’t want to?

  2. tinisha says:

    Passion and persistance

  3. tinisha says:

    Click on “Literary Divas” at the top to read my article “Will This New Year Be The Same As Last Year?” 1-7-2008

  4. Please visit the Literary Divas to find more ideas and great articles from Tinisha

  5. In response to the question, “What keeps an author/writer motivated to keep writing, even if they don’t want to?”

    I think writers have an energy flowing inside them that has to be released! Yes, sometimes it’s a simmer and other times it is a full boil! The writer has to often time see their work appreciated by others to full blossom. So, I think as readers we should give them our full support by reviewing and reporting our likes and dislikes of the work we see. I want to see all of my writer friends boiling over and shariing, sharing, sharing.


  6. tinisha says:

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  7. tinisha says:

    Article posted entitled “What Ever Happened To Black Love?” Check it out in the “Literary Divas” section.

  8. tinisha says:

    Check out the recent post in the above column: Motivation Extends My Soul

  9. Click on the column at the top that states: MOTIVATION EXTENDS MY SOUL
    Check out the article on Barack Obama vs John McCain, afer reading it, go to the website it indicates and Voice your Opinion.

  10. tinisha says:

    **CORRECTION** Check out the post John McCain vs. Barack Obama – VOICE YOUR OPINION! By clicking on “Literary Divas” at the top.

  11. tinisha says:


  12. tinisha says:

    Check out article under the section: “DID YOU KNOW…”

  13. tinisha says:

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  14. tinisha says:

    Check out my posting on this historic event entitled, “This Day Never Forgotten.” Here is the direct link:

  15. tinisha says:

    Check out my new posting relating to my newest book, Lessons Learned: Loving Yourself As A Black Women. Set to be release 2010. Pre-order your copy now!

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