Hip Hop Vs America: Rhonica’s Notebook by Rhonica Wesley

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It really doesn’t come to me personally as a surprise that Hip-hop artist such as Ice Cube, Nelly and T.I. think that Gangster Rap/Hip-Hop are an easy target for society to blame it’s problems on. Ice Cube’s new video titled “Gangsta rap made me do it,” touches on the subject of Gangster rap being blamed for things that happen in society. “Gangsta rap usually talks about the good, the bad and the ugly of what really happens, every day, not no made-up stuff,” Ice cube stated in an exclusive interview with SOHH. “Even the lyrics that are just more or less kind of comic book style are coming from a real place. We just kind of tell it like it is … so we get blamed. It’s like blaming the messenger, or blaming the mirror because you’re ugly. You’re gonna get nowhere doing that.”

Sitting in front of the television watching attentively as Artist like T.I. and Nelly took on those such as Georgetown University Professor and Author Michael Eric Dyson former Essence Magazine Editor Dianne Weathers, and Author/director Nelson George. There were some really interesting points made, some in favor of hip-hop, and some out of favor.

The statement was made by T.I. that, “America uses Hip-hop as an easy target to blame all of society’s problems on.” The rapper also went on to say that he raps about things that he has actually been through in his life, opposed to rappers who have lived nothing that they rap about. His songs he says are a lesson, in which he gives out the message, “Don’t be like me.” In my opinion, I do believe that hip-hop does gain a lot of negative light in society for its violent and gruesome nature. Yet, no one blames fright-rocker Marilyn Manson for teen suicide.

Recently on MetroActive News and Issues I read an article about teen suicide. A 15 year old boy from Burlington, N.D. shot himself after listening to Manson’s songs.

“The Reflecting God”: “One shot and the world gets smaller./ Let’s jump upon the sharp swords and cut away our smiles./ Without the threat of death, there’s no reason to live at all./ My world is unaffected, there is an exit here.”

“Depression is an illness and anyone can get it. It’s not caused by songs or movies,” was the excuse that the 15 year olds suicide was written off as

Yet, when a brother is shot in the hood politicians blame Tupac, Snoop, and New day rappers like T.I. and Young Jezzy. Hip-Hop is often the butt of society’s blame. Of course, Hip-hop does give young men and women the glamorous side of being on the streets, but is it not up to us as parents to teach our kids what is reality and what is a fabrication? We cannot continue to blame hip-hop for the murders, robberies, and deals going down on the corner. This is a choice made by the criminals.

Society, needs to stop pointing the finger of shame on hip-hop, and parents we need to sit down and talk to our children. Don’t expect Trick Daddy to chime in after all his songs and talk to your children, that’s your job. Not only that but we have grown men and women who are trying to follow what they see on TV. Educate your minds brothers and sisters, and get a legit J.O.B before it’s too late and you’re in the P.E.N.


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