The Task At Hand

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Hello All,
As most of you know who follow this column, I am a Christian fiction writer and author. I stated this because I wanted you to know being an author, a Christian fiction author at that, is my purpose in life as far as my gifts and talents. I believe I have been chosen, appointed and assigned to write and speak. It’s a joy to be able to do what you love and get paid for doing it. For this, I am truly thankful to God. This doesn’t mean that I don’t become exhausted at times or that I don’t frown at the word ‘deadline’ every now and again, because I do. It does mean however, that the task at hand is one that I do love. Like many, I would love to make lots and lots of money; I won’t lie about that. Yet, it also means that even if I don’t make lots and lots of money, I will still continue to do what God has called me to do – write and speak according to His will and in His way.

Many writers/authors, I’ve been fortunate to meet in person and online, are not concerned with whether or not they reap the financial benefits of their craft, especially the Christian writers I have spoken to. They are concerned with getting out the message that God has given them to depart. I too believe this and uphold this as well. But I also believe that God will greatly reward me financially here on earth for doing that which he has given me to do. After all, he owns the cattle on a thousand hills; all that is and ever was belongs to Him. I am His child, called according to His purpose, and not only that, I am an heir and a joint heir as well as adopted into His kingdom.

What person or parent do you know willfully withholds their wealth, good fortune and bounty of good from their children? There are some who do, I must admit, but it’s usually based on a world of greed, selfishness and sin. But the God I worship and adore is perfect and He loves me unconditionally, at least that’s what I believe. He is my Daddy, my Father, my God and my Lord. Therefore, I have no problem asking my ‘Daddy’ for the things I desire. I do desire wealth, great wealth. I do desire my books to be on the New York Times bestsellers’ list. I do desire to write life-altering books that bless people, both those of faith and those who do not believe what I believe. I do give my all to the ‘task at hand.’ I do want to be appreciated and recognized. That’s simply human nature. But my first priority is to do that, which I am supposed to be doing, and that’s why I strive and I work hard and I do my best to become the best.

I am to do me and you do you, but doing me means reaching, hoping, dreaming, looking, searching, expecting for the greater, finer things of life. I want to leave a legacy that will go through generations and that legacy includes the books I’ve written, the speeches I’ve spoken, and the money I’ve made for doing these things.
Now, before each of you, I stand on my faith and I ask God to enlarge my territory, to increase my wealth so much so that I will be able to do great and marvelous things for others and for my family, to bless each word that I write and speak, to bring my vision into being. I want to accomplish the task at hand and I do expect to be rewarded here on earth and in heaven.

Jeremiah 29:11 – 11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future!

Stepping Into My Own – Your Own

We’ve enjoyed a full month of celebrating Black History. I’ve been enlightened, informed, and certainly I have enjoyed all that EDC-creations offered during the Black History Online Month event. Kudos to Miss Ella D. Curry!From this month long celebration many things have been birthed in my spirit. Which leads to my blog for this week.  Listening to so many talented, gifted, blessed, entertaining, and all out remarkable people has been mind boggling for me.  We possess so much talent, so many gifts that the world is in need of knowing about, reading about, hearing about and learning about.  We have so much to share, so much to give, so much to pass on to our children, to our future.

It’s time to Step Out.  Step Out Into Your Own. It’s time for me to Step Out Into My Own. It’s time to grab hold of the dream and place it into a real, functioning, existing piece of our lives.  It’s for you and me to Step Into Our Own by making sure the future of our children and our children’s children is secured.  Now is the time to make a difference.  Now is the time to stop ‘talking about it’ and start ‘being about it’. We have much to offer, not only by means of the literary world, but the political world, the world of science, techonology and space.  We have doctors, lawyers, astronauts, brain surgeons, inventors, scientists, athletes, great literary authors, plus more, more and more!

As a people, we can make this world a better place, when we learn that we must first take a step into the right now. Take a step into our future by starting today. Take a step into our dreams and bring them back into the realm of reality.  Force our dreams to come true.  I must first Step Into My Own before I can reach out and help someone else, especially a child.  Most children learn and retain more by watching others.  It’s been said that no matter how much we teach our children, that they do most of their learning by watching what we do.  How then, can we encourage them to pursue the desires of their hearts when we have given up on our dreams, and allowed them to be snuffed out and placed on the dusty shelves of our frightened minds?  How can we tell them to believe, trust, and have faith in God, when all they see when they look at us is fear, self-condemnation and a lack of faith in the very God we tell them to cling to?  How can we, as a people, tell them to help one another when all they see when they look at us is a spirit of jealousy and envy over the accomplishments and achievements of our brothers and sisters?  How can we, I ask you, guide them in a direction that will point the way to doing and being whatever they choose to be or become in life, if when they look at us, they see us escaping in a sea of drugs and alcohol to hide the fear of failure that camps within our minds. 

When will you and I, me and you, understand and grasp hold of the fact that tomorrow really is not promised to no man, woman, not even a child?  We are a dying people.  Death is ineveitable for each of us, no matter of our race, socio-economic class, color, education, or position.  We are all headed in the same direction. So, while we live, while the blood runs warm in our veins, while we have the ability and the capability, while we have the source, the means and the talents; while we have these things, now is the time to teach our children to grasp on to every single moment of life that they possess.  Now is the time to teach them that they do have what it takes to make good things happen.  Teach them that: One person CAN change the world.  One person CAN change a community.  One person CAN be a leader of millions!  One person CAN do what another dared not do.  One person CAN…But only if I take the first step.  Only if I Step Into My Own…Can You Step Into Your Own!  It has to start with one step.  Why not start with making it – Your Step?

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Did I Say that 2008 Is Going to be Great?

Six days into 2008 and let me ask you, how are things fairing with you?  Okay, Okay, I know I said that my motto is 2008 is going to be great!  I meant it when I wrote it.  I still mean it now…I think.  Sure, of course, I still mean it. What am I talking about? 

I know, things  have been pretty rough these first four days of 2008.  Just about anything that can happen seems to be happening around my ‘la casa’.  I’ve been tempted, more than once, over these past four days to say, forget it, I’m fed up, I’m in over my head,  and all of that negative hogwash.  But as I’ve been sifting through tons of emails, catching up on reading blogs, trying to honor my commitments (like writing this blog for one) and venturing into new things in life, I am slowly regaining my strength.  You see, readers, God has a way of dealing with me and I’m sure he has his own way of dealing with you too.  I’ve fallen down so many times, literally and spiritually.  My face has been rubbed in the mud of life and I’ve been bruised along the way.  But, I can gladly say that no matter how bad the fall, how much it stings (no it down right hurts), God enables me to get back up.  He extends his hand out to my griping, complaining, whining, doubting self, and He pulls me back to my feet.  Whew, am I glad I know the man. 

What would I do if God treated me like I treat him sometimes?  You know what I mean, don’t you?  Let me break it down a little more.  What if people treated us like we treated them?  Don’t pretend like you’re always treating folks right. Don’t act like you haven’t gossipped behind someone’s back or even been two-faced a time or two or three?  Don’t act like a little envy and jealousy has never creeped up in your life toward another.  Don’t act like you’ve always been on top.  So again, I pose the question, what if folks treated us like we treat them? 

I don’t know about you, but I would not like it.  Yes, I do try my best to be kind, compassionate, friendly and nice toward other people – those who are less fortunate than me and those who have already accomplished some of the things I desire to accomplish.  But, I am not always a kind person.  Sometimes I get down and out and sometimes I look at others and say, ‘why not me?’  Thanks to God that he has a way of bringing me back to reality.  I love me and I love me in spite of my inperfections, my shortcomings, my stumbles and my falls.  I love me even though I said the start of my 2008 hasn’t been so great.  I should bind my lips right now! (lol)

How can I dare say 2008 hasn’t been great, when I’m living, breathing, moving around, talking, writing, fussing, tripping and some more stuff.  So many people are not here to witness the beginning of a new year.  Some are here physically but their mental capacities are null and void.  Some are here homeless and without a place to lay their heads.  Which reminds me of a young lady and her dog.  Yes, I said a young lady and her dog. 

Just the other day, I was putting my only three dollars into my gas tank (Okay, laugh if you want to, turn up your nose at me if you want to, but be thankful if you’ve never been down to your last).  A gallon of regular – number 87, only cost an astronomical $3.02, so I didn’t get quite a gallon!  But there was a young lady sitting at the gas station in bitter cold weather.  It was about 27 degrees in Memphis at that time.  She had the cutest little dog in the car with her, along with piles of clothes, crumbs of food spread around inside.   She stopped me and asked if I wanted her dog.  Those of you who know me, already know that I am an animal lover.  Main, I wanted to say yes so badly, but I told her, no, because I didn’t know how my two felines would react if I brought home a new friend without talking it over with them first. (lol)  She let me pet him, and he licked my hand as if saying, ‘It’s okay, you can take me.”  She went on to explain that he was housebroken and he had just turned a year old recently.  “He gets along well with other animals,” she said, looking at me with sad eyes, hurting eyes, homeless eyes.

I asked her why she was giving away such a cute little dog.  Her answer,” I can’t take care of him anymore. I’m living in my car. I have no where to sleep and I can’t do it anymore.”  Gosh, my heart was touched.  And I’m complaining about having only 3 bucks to put in my car?  I’m complaining how 2008 hasn’t started off so great?  I’m complaining that my light bill is due and my phone bill too.  Yet, I have a roof over my head, heat in my car and at home.  More than enough to eat. Family, friends and people who love me enough to never let me get completely down and out.  This pretty, young lady who appeared to be in her mid twenties was homeless.  I was so touched by her, that I gave her my phone number (cell phone number because the home phone had just been disconnected). Yep, no shame anymore – my home phone was disconnected for the first time in thirty years.  Talking about ‘shame’ and worrying what people are going to say about me now?  Soon got over that when I couldn’t come up with the funds to keep it on and pride wasn’t going to let me go holding my hand out for a ‘loan.” Anyway, what’s the big deal? I said I gave her my cell phone number. That means that I still had a working phone.  How ungrateful can I be?  I’m crying over a phone being disconnected when I’m walking around with a cell phone glued to my ear.  The things we worry about? Forgive me, Lord. 

Anyway, getting back to the young lady and the dog.  I told her to please call me if she wanted a place warm to sleep.  I explained to her that I didn’t have any money, and she didn’t ask me for any.  But had I had some, I would have at least tried to get her a room for the night.  Some of you might say I was stupid to offer this stranger a place to lay her head when there’s so much crime going on in the world. She could be running a scam, or she could be trying to set me up to do harm to me.  I don’t know. 

Maybe I should have told her to find a shelter or something.  Maybe I should have told her that she ought to call on her friends or surely she has some family to take her in.  But I said none of that.  My mind didn’t go in that direction.   I couldn’t think about any of that.  All I thought about was, “There but by the grace of God go I.”  You see, it could be me, you, our children, our family or friends on the street.  It could be you, though you’re way up today, things can happen so suddenly that you can come crashing down today. 

Her plight made me so thankful for my life.  I am so thankful for the opportunity to live.  I am so thankful and full of gratitude for being allowed to hang around a little bit longer.  2008 – IS already Great .  Even better things are on the way.  I just know it.’ 

So step out into faith today. Lend a hand to someone in need. Show a little more gratitude, and alot less attitude.  Be more compassionate, and more sensitive.  Stop worrying about those things which are beyond your control, even if you may be the blame for some of the things you’ve gotten yourself into. None of us are perfect.  Believe me.  Stop focusing on what you don’t have, how you messed up, what if you had done this, or you should have done that.  Time out for that.  Move beyond the past.  do what can be done to make things better.  I know that I am.  Until the next time! Remember that You Are Blessed!

Shelia E. Lipsey, Into Each Life Literary Q&A