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As Mary J. Blige would say, “What’s the 411, Hon?” Well, I am getting it done. This summer has gone so fast and I’ve had my hand in so many pots lately, it is surprising when I look back on it.


After a spring of fun writers conferences and book promotions on the Internet, I decided to pursue writing for real. I was tired of carving out little bits of time here and there to satisfy my literary desires. I came back from Romance Slam Jam in Chicago and decided on the life I was working toward. A life of sharpening my literary craft, mingling with other literary addicts and starting an ongoing dialogue about all things multicultural is what it’s about for me.


In this vein, I have begun work on my second book, Early Withdrawal and launched a multicultural blog. Thanks to my experience writing with Literary Divas, I rediscovered my passion of writing about women and culture. I will continue to write the articles I love, which involves the impact current events have on the African American community and African American women in particular. However, my blog, Sable Lit Reviews.com will allow me to broaden the focus to all cultures and all people of color. In addition to articles, which will be crossed posted on my blog and Literary Divas, I will also post multicultural events and allow visitors to post multicultural events. Lastly, I will provide multicultural book reviews.


Starting September 1st, these reviews will be open to all genres that possess a multicultural theme and/or a cast of multicultural characters. The book, whether in print or electronic format, can be a current release or past release. Yes, nonfiction, LGBT and Erotic themes will have a home here as well. Sable Lit Reviews wants to put a flood light on it all. Authors and publishers, if you’d like to have your book reviewed and showcased on Sable Lit Reviews, visit the site for more information. Literary addicts, please watch it all unfold at SableLitReviews.com


My second book, while not a sequel to Mismatched, has very similar interracial themes but with a twist.


Early Withdrawal tells the story of Sonia Squires, an African American marketing executive who is 18 months shy of her 35th birthday, the age by which she hopes to start a family. After a routine wellness exam and an equally habitual argument with her long-time boyfriend, Sonia realizes that having a baby is more important to her and may be more realistic than having the marriage and the white picket fence.

Leaving her boyfriend behind and against her family’s advice, she enlists the resources of a local sperm bank to reach her goal.

Newly pregnant, Sonia’s curiosity regarding the paternal benefactor intensifies. When she breaks every privacy act to find him, she discovers he is Caucasian, a detail not accurately reported in the donor profile.

Jacob Rhodes is a 35-year-old language analyst, working for the National Security Agency.  He is battling with a loss of faith in his abilities after superiors ignored his Iraqi intelligence report, which resulted in a U.S. terrorist attack several years ago. 

A man of many secrets, Jacob allows a sperm bank to use contributions to make families whole again. Will one contribution to his Ex and her new husband who also happens to be his best friend, unleash all of his secrets?

Sonia’s on a mission to find her donor. Can she still obtain the love and the family she has always wanted regardless of their differing heritage?

When Sonia’s ex resurfaces and the target of her search falls from site, what choices will Sonia make?

Find out in Early Withdrawal, where fighting your obstacles and claiming the right to your dreams will lead you to a path of the unexpected!


Join me on this adventure here at Literary Divas and at the Sable Lit Reviews!


Guest Monica Carter Tagore

Guest Blogger Monica Carter Tagore

Author and Motivational speaker

Meet Monica Carter Tagore on  her April 2008 Virtual Book Tour
Monica will be the guest blogger for the week of April 6-12, 2008

Please visit this post often to read the inspiring messages left by author and motivational speaker Monica Carter Tagore. Join us in celebrating the release of her new book, Zoom Power: Your Key to Hitting Your Personal, Business and Financial Targets.
 Monica Carter Tagore is a successful business owner and award-winning author, who reveals her key to achievement, in her book Zoom Power: Your Key to Hitting Your Personal, Business and Financial Targets. She also packs the book with insights and advice from high achievers who are at the top of their field, including award-winning filmmaker and author William Joyce, bestselling author Judy Pace Christie, internationally known speaker Les Brown, self-made millionaire philanthropist Dr. Deavra Daughtry, and more.
Author and speaker Monica Carter Tagore

This is a book for people who are tired of doing what they’ve always done and getting what they’ve always got. It’s for people who are ready to make real personal, professional and financial changes in their lives. It’s for people who want 2008 to be their best year yet. Check out Zoom Power: Your Key to Hitting Your Personal, Business and Financial Targets.

Read her daily blogs below and please share your opinions, comments, and questions too!

Sexual Abuse: Gag Order Has Been Lifted



Stephanie L. Jones
P.O. Box 401363
Redford, MI 48240
Phone: 877.832.6575 | media@stephanieljones.com

Sexual Abuse, The Gag Order Has Been Lifted

Detroit, MI – In her bold new book The Enemy Between My Legs author, Stephanie L. Jones, tackles the tough subject of child sexual abuse. In what Disilgold Magazine and The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers calls, “A well written revelation and a must read for every man and woman,” readers are uninhibitedly allowed into the heart and soul of a sexual abuse survivor. Jones shares how over seven years of child molestation, which began at age five, haunted her and continuously resurfaced in her teenage and adult life in the forms of promiscuity, substance abuse and difficulties in maintaining interpersonal relationships.

“It’s very difficult to tell a young person not to have sex once they’ve been sexually abused. No one could tell me not to. My first sexual experience was at age five. I had been touched, kissed, and fondled so much as a child that by age of 13, I didn’t want it to stop,” says Jones. 

Jones is not alone. Shockingly, one in three females and one in five males are sexually abused. According to the organizations Darkness to Light and ChildHelp.com, the effects of sexual abuse extend far beyond the years in which it actually takes place and ends. What’s even more shocking is that studies also reveal that 90% of sexual abuse cases occur at the hands of a family member, close family friend, or trusted leader.

• 66% of teen pregnancies and abortions are preceded by sexual assault.
• 96% of prostitutes were sexual abuse victims.
• 75% of rapists were sexual abuse victims.
• 60% of children who experience abuse and neglect are more likely to be arrested.
• Sexual abuse victims often suffer self-esteem, health, financial and weight problems.
“Sexual abuse is a taboo subject. No one wants to talk about it,” says Jones. “When it is discussed people tend to reference internet predators, neighborhood pedophiles and strangers lurking in the park. But most sexual abuse takes place right in our homes between fathers, daughters, mothers, siblings, uncles, aunts, and other family members. We need to address what’s happening in our very own families!”

At times the book was somewhat painful to write because of the memories she had to summons up, but it was something she felt compelled to do. With this book Jones turned the negative experiences of her childhood into a manual of self defense for parents and other caretakers seeking to protect their children. It will assist adults who were victims of sexual abuse in understanding how those experiences might be affecting their lives today, as well as serve as a self-help guide for those seeking freedom from the bondage of their past.    

Stephanie L. Jones is a highly sought-after speaker for schools, churches, and organizations. Having suffered over years of sexual abuse, she knows the effects that it can have on a victim’s life.  Contact 877.832.6575, media@stephanieljones.com, or visit http://www.stephanieljones.com.


Will This New Year Be The Same As Last Year?: Motivation Extends My Soul

It is once again a new year. What will be different for you this year? I know you want a change. I know you are eager to make this the year to remember.  Do you want this year to be the same as last year? If not, then you will have to do something very differently in this year. You may have to rid yourself of old habits. You may have to ask for help. You may have to discipline yourself. You may even have to step out of your comfort zone and explore your world as though you were meeting yourself for the very first time.

Progression is so important – this is why you will have to start doing things that you don’t want to do in order to have what you want. That almost doesn’t make sense if you read that statement for the first time, but if you read it again and again, you will realize it makes absolutely perfect sense.

Albert E.N. Gray who was in the life insurance business put it so directly when he stated:“The things that failures don’t like to do are the very things that you and I and other human beings, including successful men, naturally don’t like to do. In other words, we’ve got to realize right from the start that success is something which is achieved by the minority of men (and women), and is therefore unnatural and not to be achieved by following our natural likes and dislikes nor by being guided by our natural preferences and prejudices.”

Plainly put success is purely a matter of doing something until it becomes habit.This quote was apart of Albert E.N. Gray’s essay, which he’d written for some insurance professionals. I advise you to read his essay entitled, “The Common Denominator of Success.” You can be assured I will be talking more on this.

Article written by Tinisha N. Johnson
Author of Searchable Whereabouts, a mystery novel
Visit author at:

Did I Say that 2008 Is Going to be Great?

Six days into 2008 and let me ask you, how are things fairing with you?  Okay, Okay, I know I said that my motto is 2008 is going to be great!  I meant it when I wrote it.  I still mean it now…I think.  Sure, of course, I still mean it. What am I talking about? 

I know, things  have been pretty rough these first four days of 2008.  Just about anything that can happen seems to be happening around my ‘la casa’.  I’ve been tempted, more than once, over these past four days to say, forget it, I’m fed up, I’m in over my head,  and all of that negative hogwash.  But as I’ve been sifting through tons of emails, catching up on reading blogs, trying to honor my commitments (like writing this blog for one) and venturing into new things in life, I am slowly regaining my strength.  You see, readers, God has a way of dealing with me and I’m sure he has his own way of dealing with you too.  I’ve fallen down so many times, literally and spiritually.  My face has been rubbed in the mud of life and I’ve been bruised along the way.  But, I can gladly say that no matter how bad the fall, how much it stings (no it down right hurts), God enables me to get back up.  He extends his hand out to my griping, complaining, whining, doubting self, and He pulls me back to my feet.  Whew, am I glad I know the man. 

What would I do if God treated me like I treat him sometimes?  You know what I mean, don’t you?  Let me break it down a little more.  What if people treated us like we treated them?  Don’t pretend like you’re always treating folks right. Don’t act like you haven’t gossipped behind someone’s back or even been two-faced a time or two or three?  Don’t act like a little envy and jealousy has never creeped up in your life toward another.  Don’t act like you’ve always been on top.  So again, I pose the question, what if folks treated us like we treat them? 

I don’t know about you, but I would not like it.  Yes, I do try my best to be kind, compassionate, friendly and nice toward other people – those who are less fortunate than me and those who have already accomplished some of the things I desire to accomplish.  But, I am not always a kind person.  Sometimes I get down and out and sometimes I look at others and say, ‘why not me?’  Thanks to God that he has a way of bringing me back to reality.  I love me and I love me in spite of my inperfections, my shortcomings, my stumbles and my falls.  I love me even though I said the start of my 2008 hasn’t been so great.  I should bind my lips right now! (lol)

How can I dare say 2008 hasn’t been great, when I’m living, breathing, moving around, talking, writing, fussing, tripping and some more stuff.  So many people are not here to witness the beginning of a new year.  Some are here physically but their mental capacities are null and void.  Some are here homeless and without a place to lay their heads.  Which reminds me of a young lady and her dog.  Yes, I said a young lady and her dog. 

Just the other day, I was putting my only three dollars into my gas tank (Okay, laugh if you want to, turn up your nose at me if you want to, but be thankful if you’ve never been down to your last).  A gallon of regular – number 87, only cost an astronomical $3.02, so I didn’t get quite a gallon!  But there was a young lady sitting at the gas station in bitter cold weather.  It was about 27 degrees in Memphis at that time.  She had the cutest little dog in the car with her, along with piles of clothes, crumbs of food spread around inside.   She stopped me and asked if I wanted her dog.  Those of you who know me, already know that I am an animal lover.  Main, I wanted to say yes so badly, but I told her, no, because I didn’t know how my two felines would react if I brought home a new friend without talking it over with them first. (lol)  She let me pet him, and he licked my hand as if saying, ‘It’s okay, you can take me.”  She went on to explain that he was housebroken and he had just turned a year old recently.  “He gets along well with other animals,” she said, looking at me with sad eyes, hurting eyes, homeless eyes.

I asked her why she was giving away such a cute little dog.  Her answer,” I can’t take care of him anymore. I’m living in my car. I have no where to sleep and I can’t do it anymore.”  Gosh, my heart was touched.  And I’m complaining about having only 3 bucks to put in my car?  I’m complaining how 2008 hasn’t started off so great?  I’m complaining that my light bill is due and my phone bill too.  Yet, I have a roof over my head, heat in my car and at home.  More than enough to eat. Family, friends and people who love me enough to never let me get completely down and out.  This pretty, young lady who appeared to be in her mid twenties was homeless.  I was so touched by her, that I gave her my phone number (cell phone number because the home phone had just been disconnected). Yep, no shame anymore – my home phone was disconnected for the first time in thirty years.  Talking about ‘shame’ and worrying what people are going to say about me now?  Soon got over that when I couldn’t come up with the funds to keep it on and pride wasn’t going to let me go holding my hand out for a ‘loan.” Anyway, what’s the big deal? I said I gave her my cell phone number. That means that I still had a working phone.  How ungrateful can I be?  I’m crying over a phone being disconnected when I’m walking around with a cell phone glued to my ear.  The things we worry about? Forgive me, Lord. 

Anyway, getting back to the young lady and the dog.  I told her to please call me if she wanted a place warm to sleep.  I explained to her that I didn’t have any money, and she didn’t ask me for any.  But had I had some, I would have at least tried to get her a room for the night.  Some of you might say I was stupid to offer this stranger a place to lay her head when there’s so much crime going on in the world. She could be running a scam, or she could be trying to set me up to do harm to me.  I don’t know. 

Maybe I should have told her to find a shelter or something.  Maybe I should have told her that she ought to call on her friends or surely she has some family to take her in.  But I said none of that.  My mind didn’t go in that direction.   I couldn’t think about any of that.  All I thought about was, “There but by the grace of God go I.”  You see, it could be me, you, our children, our family or friends on the street.  It could be you, though you’re way up today, things can happen so suddenly that you can come crashing down today. 

Her plight made me so thankful for my life.  I am so thankful for the opportunity to live.  I am so thankful and full of gratitude for being allowed to hang around a little bit longer.  2008 – IS already Great .  Even better things are on the way.  I just know it.’ 

So step out into faith today. Lend a hand to someone in need. Show a little more gratitude, and alot less attitude.  Be more compassionate, and more sensitive.  Stop worrying about those things which are beyond your control, even if you may be the blame for some of the things you’ve gotten yourself into. None of us are perfect.  Believe me.  Stop focusing on what you don’t have, how you messed up, what if you had done this, or you should have done that.  Time out for that.  Move beyond the past.  do what can be done to make things better.  I know that I am.  Until the next time! Remember that You Are Blessed!

Shelia E. Lipsey, Into Each Life Literary Q&A