A year of great possibilities

This being a new year filled with history manifested through the sweat and tears of those who paved the way before us through an adage and a vision of greatness, evokes in me every waking moment the motivation to achieve the limitless and endless wealth of greatness that exists. I am thankful to have witnessed the journey traveled by our new President, Barack Obama in my era and my children’s era. Change has come, and much is before us in this country as we support and grow with President Obama.

Just as change of this magnitude took years of hard labor to reach, such is the task before our President. We have a commitment as well; to work towards making changes in our communities, schools, our youths as well as ourselves. Our duty is to involve ourselves in making a difference, not complaining or looking at the next person to do what we ourselves have the ability and capability of doing. President Barack Obama has proven the impossible can happen. It is our own consciousness that must believe we can create change in the same defined way.

Dr. Martin Luther King said, ““Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter.”

Let us begin our lives anew and no longer walk, ride, or drive by the things we wish were different in silence.

We are destined for greatness!