Meet Author Gayle Woodard

lady-gayles-cover.jpgLady Gayle, you married into a well known ministerial family. What was that like for you?
When I married, it was good, but overwhelming. My husband’s dad was the Pastor and my husband


was the Minister of Music at that time, so he was very active and busy. The fact that my father was a Minister also helped a great deal as well because I already knew what it meant to be very active in ministry.

Considering where you are now, when you look back, did you have any idea that you would be affecting so many people’s lives?
No, I had no idea. But I knew that God had a plan and purpose for my life. I never thought it would be a Pastor’s wife, but, I love seeing the transformation in the lives of people.
I am a PK (preacher’s kid) so I know what it’s like to share your loved one with an entire community. How do you cope with sharining your husband with the world?

I cope very well. I know that it’s all about ministry. I put it all into perspective.
We both love people. I know he’s touching many lives.

Being a First Lady requires that you wear many hats. What do you do to find balance in your life?
I make sure that I always have family time and me time. From that me time, I consecrate and pamper myself and spend time with God so he can refresh me.
In the past, First Ladies have been quiet, demure, pristine role models relegated to working behind the scenes. Give us your thoughts about the new role more public role that First Ladies are taking in the 21st century church.

I think that in the 21st century, women are more confident in who we are and we really have caught the vision of being the rib of our husbands. WE understand that we are to be the helpmeet. We are to stand along side our husbands. I think first ladies are taking it to another dimension in ministry. In the 21st century we are leading out more and more.

When you are a member of a ministerial family, all eyes are on you. What advice would you give other First Ladies dealing with the pressure of being under such scrutiny?
I try to remember that it’s still ministry and that the pressures and the scrutiny are a part of ministry. I would tell any first lady to be yourself, but also remember you are an example to others and all eyes are on you. When people watch you it’s about ministry also.
Many people believe that when you’re married to a pastor, your only choice is to be a First Lady, but your debut book It’ s My Prerogative seems to say that being a First Lady is very much a choice. Explain this outlook.
I believe that you have the choice to reject the call by not supporting your husband. You can choose not to walk in the call, not to be a leader, and not to be in submission to leadership. You can be in wrong character and not work with him as a team. When you accept the call, you both work together as a team and you stand beside your husband in ministry and support the vision that God has given to him.
Also, God gave me the title”It’s My Prerogative”, so I could address some issues in this book from past experiences and from research with other first ladies. I felt I had the right to say what I wanted to in order to encourage other first ladies that walk in the call.
What message do you want readers to gain from It’s My Prerogative?
I want the message of the book to be empowerment for the body of Christ, Pastors and their wives as they accept the call, to walk as an incredible team together. I want every Pastor’s wife to know that it is an honor that God has chosen her to walk alongside her husband in ministry.
What are some of the challenges that are addressed in the book?
Challenges addressed in the book include the secret places of the first lady. There are many places in the lives of first ladies that sometime cause us to have to walk along in the call of ministry. I also address issues such as how to minister to your husband, how to wear the many shoes of a first lady and how to seek guidance and direction when become a first lady. Finally, I address being yourself and praying for directions and coming together with your husband to discover the best ministry for your lives.
What lies ahead for Lady Gayle?
I want to continue to say yes to the call of ministry and support my husband. I think God has placed in me to write more for the body of Christ. I want to make a difference in the lives of first ladies, women and girls. The First Ladies Support Group just kicked off. This is my way of building up the first ladies as we continue to make a difference for so many people. I also plan to continue standing with my husband as we embark on a great endeavor to build a 3500 seat cathedral at our Houston location.
How can one purchase a copy of the book?, and Koininia Christian Bookstore located at the Houston campus. For any first ladies interested in becoming part of the First Ladies Support Group, email us at

The Official Release of Mismatched

Can the traditional development of love survive cyber dating and the complications of ethnic variation?

Laura Major’s debut release of the multicultural contemporary romance, Mismatched takes a lighthearted yet sensual look at what happens when love is presented in a form that is unexpected and a manner that is unconventional.
Mismatched, which is set in the center of New York’s financial district and the New Jersey Suburbs, tells the story of Tessa Dennison, an African American finance professional who decides to option love on the Internet after a series of busted blind dates. To improve her odds, Tessa incorporates the gender expertise of Justin Martin her childhood friend and secret admirer.

Join Tessa and Justin for a matchmaking game like no other.

Laura Major has an English degree from Arizona State University and is an active member of the national organization Romance Writer’s of America and Interracial Multicultural Romance Readers online group as well as several other readers and writers groups.

ISBN: 978-1-934475-40-9

Amira Press, LLC
Baltimore, MD 21216