Is Oprah Starting Her Own Religion?

Oprah Winfrey has enjoyed temendous success. No doubt as a result of blessings and favor from God. But now, her success may be diminished. No doubt she will never in this lifetime be broke or fade away as a household name. Nevertheless, her new found religious beliefs are causing quite a stir. It’s all over the internet and other media outlets. Is Oprah starting her own religion? Is that even possible? Are people being too judgmental? Take a look at these two opposing views and you decide.


3 comments on “Is Oprah Starting Her Own Religion?

  1. kelly says:


  2. I don’t feel as if Oprah is starting a new religion. There were already many people in the world who were non-believers. There were many people in the world who are more spiritual that Christian. I have no problem in people deciding who they want to believe it be it God or Allah, if it brings you to a peaceful lifestyle.

    Ella Curry

  3. Matt says:

    Wow oprah a tard……. Jesus is the only way

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