Bare Necessities



PassionScape seeks to create a new voice in the genre of African American erotica and romance through informative and intelligent interviews, thought provoking articles and essays, as well as sensual poetry. Author Hazel Mills will present monthly articles, essays, news on upcoming genre releases, author interviews, and poetry posts.  Authors and readers of African American romance and erotica titles will love PassionScape.

Writer's Bio:
Hazel Mills is a new voice in erotica whose short stories have appeared in Playgirl Magazine's Erotic Encounters (January, 2007) and Best Lesbian Love Stories: New York City, edited by Simone Thorne (Alyson Books).

Her essays have been included in Jolie Dupre's series in The Blushing Ladies Journal. Hazel is a contributing author to the upcoming anthology Mocha Chocolate: Taste a Piece of Ecstasy, edited by Shani Greene-Dowdell (March 2008).

Bare Necessities:Sensuous Tales of Passion is Hazel Mills' debut collection of short stories to be released summer 2008.

Author Hazel Mills knew that she wanted to be a writer from the moment she penned the first words of a poem titled “A Tree” when she was in the third grade. As a college student, Hazel majored in business but writing continued to be her first love. Her debut erotic anthology, Bare Necessities: Sensuous Tales of Passion, is expected to be released 2008.
Hazel Mills, author "Bare Necessities: Sensuous Tales of Passion" Coming Soon!
Contributing author, "Mocha Chocolate: Taste A Piece of Ecstasy" Coming March 2008
ASA Member (Authors Supporting Authors)

Author's Contact Info:
Hazel Mills

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8 comments on “Bare Necessities

  1. Looking forward to reading more from you Hazel.

  2. hazelmills says:

    Check out Literary Divas section for my interview with author, Shani Greene-Dowdell.

  3. Hazel Mills says:

    What turns you on? Check out how erotica author and poet, Chloe R. answered that question in this month’s edition of PassionScape in the Literary Divas section.
    Don’t forget, I want to hear your take on the subject.

  4. Hazel Mills says:

    Read more about the upcoming release “Mocha Chocolate: Taste A Piece of Ecstasy” in this month’s edition of PassionScape. Don’t forget to leave your comments.

  5. hazelmills says:

    Check out this month’s interview with Author and Poet, Peron F. Long for PassionScape. Go to Literary Divas for more info.

  6. hazelmills says:

    How will you celebrate Black Men this month?

  7. tinisha says:

    Hey Hazel, how are you? Congrats on your book success. Yes I sure will celebrate Black Men this month. For fathers day, me, my husband and the kids will go to the park and enjoy some Jazz – a summer event in my local town.

    Be blessed, talk to you soon.

  8. Hazel Mills says:

    PassionScape features bestselling contemporary romance author, Victoria Wells. Check out Literary Divas.

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