Family Secrets Lies & Alibi’s

Family Secrets Lies & Alibi’s — Another 4 Stars!!!!

4.0 out of 5 stars Family Drama At Its Best!!, June 24, 2008
Review by- Author Tia Marie Boykins

DQ Mince may have passed on, but he has left quite a bit of disorder behind. Although he took great care to assure that his family would be provided for financially in the event of his untimely passing, he left them in the dark as to how to handle the results of his indiscretions while he was living. DQ’s oldest son Rell has been left as the executor of his estate, unbeknownst to Derek, who has been led to believe throughout his entire life that he was DQ’s ONLY son! The information is being kept confidential until the reading of the will, but that is not stopping everyone from trying to find out who’s getting what. Darryl, DQ’s gambling brother, needs Rell to help him re-establish money he lost in his company, but he doesn’t neccesarily want him to know that. Tonya, the deceitful wife, not only wants to know what DQ left her, but has been doing some detective work to try to find out what, if anything, was left to Rell’s mother, Nikki, the true love of DQ’s life. Nana, the matriarch of the family, is doing her best to hold it all together and keep everybody in check, but there’s only so much she can control. The secrets that DQ kept begin stirring up a storm that will soon reach the point of no return!

Nanette M. Buchanan has a page-turner on her hands for sure with this spicy, intriguing novel. She has found a way to connect with her readers using the most personal element possible- FAMILY! This book definitely takes family drama to the next level. I highly recommend this book for purchase, and I’m looking forward to the sequel. The excerpt looks great!

A Sketch of A Man

The Sketch of a Man

I watched you enter the room from a distance
you see you were a mere fantasy
Someone I envisioned only in my mind, never a reality.
From your shoulder length dreads to the soles of your feet
A sketch a silhouette, never really complete

I watched you enter the room from a distance
as a vision in a dimmed romantic light
Your aura brings erotic warmth
I close my eyes pleased to sketch with no sight
I await for your touch, your passionate embrace.
I use my hands tenderly outlining the features of your beautiful face.
Your skin, your pores, the rhythm as you breathe
My fingers touch your lips as you whisper, “Baby Please”

Your biceps, triceps, shoulders and chest,
The sketching of your sculptured body is my imagination at its best
I feel myself tremble in anticipation as your presence lays me on my back
I watch your moves as you join me
God’s creation, man, my man in fact.

Your hips rise slowly allowing your body to touch mine
The heat increases from the friction as we become entwined.
There is no sounds of discomfort though my vision is beginning to fade
I pull you closer wanting you, loving you, “I love when you love me this way”

Our pace is increasing as the sweat beads on my breast
My imagination is bringing on that climax, “Please make me say yes.”
My thighs are quivering, I want to take it slow
You’ve touched my g spot more than once,
I know I’m going to explode.

I close my eyes knowing we are both satisfied,
And though I watch you cross the floor I can still feel you inside.
The aura in the room is peaceful, as I doze off to sleep
You’ll always be that sketch of a man, never really complete
I hear the door closing behind you
A real man wouldn’t have to creep

Copyright 2008
Author, Nanette M Buchanan

Similarities For Convenience

Being an information junkie, I constantly search for interesting news stories both online and off. This morning I came across an article comparing and contrasting the first ladies of the presidential nominees. The article painted a rich picture of both Cindy McCain and Michelle Obama, for their style and grace. It attempted balanced reporting by mentioning Michele’s criticism of her husband and her country on the democratic side, while revealing Cindy’s battle with addiction and her reluctance toward full financial disclosure.
Despite being a Arizona resident, I began reading this article knowing very little background about Cindy. This fact could be due to the relentless campaign for the democratic nomination, or it could be the result of Cindy McCain’s aptitude for being the quiet doting wife of a presidential candidate. Certainly, having a wife who is heir to a wealthy beer distributorship would not bolster John McCain’s campaign, especially during our current economic times.
It wasn’t until I read the second half of the article that my writer fury erupted. The context was in reference to the infamous statement Michele Obama made about having pride in her country for the first time. The article reported Cindy’s rebuttal which suggested her staunch unwavering pride in her country.
Pride stems from actions and experience. If you’ve done nothing, then you have nothing to be proud of. If you have not created positive opportunities and experiences despite the obstacles then again you have nothing to be proud of.
Being part of the African American community and being female, I can understand why Michele may not have always been proud of her country. If I were a rich member of society’s majority, I might not ever recall a time I lacked pride for my country. However, any human being who has witnessed prejudice and oppression or even recognizes it as part of American history cannot truly proclaim ever-existing pride in the actions and experiences in which this country participates.

Is Cindy proud of the Iraq war and the lies that caused it?
Is Cindy proud of racially motivated brutality that still happens in America today?

It’s interesting how we can put race aside when it suits our argument. The article made sure to inform us that Cindy is a rich, blond, blue-eyed Rodeo queen who knows when to speak and when to keep quiet. I would have had more respect if Cindy could have sympathized with Michele’s comment since not everyone’s American experience is Cindy’s rich privileged experience. I don’t want a meek first lady who can’t recognize experiences different from her own.

Patriotism is more complicated than being proud or not being proud of your country. Pride is a barometer that adjusts with each act and experience. American patriotism exists in recognizing the flaws and taking action to make a difference, thus creating a country everyone can be proud of regardless of their past experiences.


Remembrance of June 19, 1865

We are just a few days away from marking the 143rdanniversary of Juneteenth, the day, which represents the true end to slavery. Many think that slavery ended with President Lincoln’s signing of the Emancipation Proclamation on January 1st, 1863, however, the slave’s way of life continued in many areas including Galveston, Texas until June 19th, 1865.


On this date, General Granger and his men rode into Galveston spreading, enforcing the word released from the executive branch of government that the Civil War was over, and the enslaved were free.


 At that moment knowledge was empowering as numerous former slaves left the plantation to embark on a new way of life. They became the latest territorial explorers. As they moved to states such as Louisiana and Arkansas, many continued to uphold June 19th, later affectionately referred to as Juneteenth, as a day of celebration. The cause for rejoicing was not limited to the end of slavery but also encompassed an appreciation for all cultures. Juneteenth honors where we have been and sheds light on where we were are going. It supports self-improvement through attaining education and building personal and moral character.


Akin to the nationally recognized Independence Day, Juneteenth represents the independence of African American people. The growth of these celebrations fell in step with several civil rights marches and although its popularity dwindled with the Great Depression, it resurrected with the civil rights movement of the 1960’s.


Honoring Juneteenth is becoming a grassroots movement with events crisscrossing the United States and abroad.


Due to the inadequate and, in many cases, the blatant lack of Black history Education, pride of Juneteenth is just touching the consciously of many inside and outside the African American community.


With this article and through the efforts of such sites as, the honor for this day will live through us for generations to come.







Is Oprah Starting Her Own Religion?

Oprah Winfrey has enjoyed temendous success. No doubt as a result of blessings and favor from God. But now, her success may be diminished. No doubt she will never in this lifetime be broke or fade away as a household name. Nevertheless, her new found religious beliefs are causing quite a stir. It’s all over the internet and other media outlets. Is Oprah starting her own religion? Is that even possible? Are people being too judgmental? Take a look at these two opposing views and you decide.


Discipline or Punishment

by: Cheryl Lacey Donovan

Our best example of parenting, God praises, advises nurtures, encourages, teaches, and trains us. Teaching our children to live a Christian life should be done by precepts and examples. Being both reliable and trustworthy are essential because our children depend on us to be there for them. Patience and compassion go hand in hand as they mirror the patience and mercy of God upon us His children.

Communicating our expectations to our children through destructive criticism, lack of quality time, and dysfunctional marriages and families, destroys the relationships between parents and their children. It is not so much what we say but how we say it. Emphasizing the right things in the right ways. means giving them wholesome instruction and admonishing them properly. Your children do not require material things, they require time. Your children should always know that you love them.

“Sticks and Stones may break your bones but words will never hurt me” doesn’t apply to parenting. Using words that deflate your child’s self worth will have a lasting effect on their lives. Telling your children they will never amount to anything will only become a self fulfilling prophecy. You have the power of life and death in your own tongue. Speak peace, love, joy, and happiness into their lives. If, you always say that your children are bad, then what do you expect them to be. Remind your children about what God says about them. Help them to see themselves through God’s eyes.

Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it Proverbs 22:6

This is the Bibles commission to parents. But what does training really mean? Leading your children by faith to Christ and being a consistent example to them is the first step in training. Difficult but effective, leading by example communicates our commitment to live out the truth and reality of Jesus in our lives. Defined more by what we don’t do than what we do as mothers, we must be diligent in our prayer life, in our church going, and in the way we interact with people on a daily basis. Knowing Christian doctrine, using Christian vernacular, and appearing Godly may fool outsiders, but it won’t fool your children and it won’t fool God. Seeing you as you really are, children are in the best position to be students of your life. Having the most insight into the relationship between what you say and what you do children become the best at deciphering hypocrisy from true Christian discipleship. Gossiping, lying to the bill collector, and constantly bashing our children’s father are all poor examples of our faith walk with God. In fact, the very message that these attributes send is one of hypocrisy.

Picking and choosing our sins, I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I don’t cuss, is more about us than it is about being Christ like. Memorizing scripture is good but a personal relationship with God is the ultimate goal. Morality is not the only gauge by which we are measured. The cemetery is full of people that didn’t do bad things. The question is, was their walk with God close enough to enter the kingdom of heaven. We have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

We can’t make Christ a reality to our children if He is not a reality to us. Practice what you want them to practice. Children follow and imitate us. “Do as I say not as I do” is a poor motto to follow if you want to raise Godly children. Remember to teach them by example; your example. Learning not brought about by both example and instruction will lead to a child that does not respect the parents. Living out the Christian life through the Holy Spirit will be instruction to your children that Christ is real. Are you creating a desire for God in your children?

Understanding the difference between discipline and punishment is important as well. Punishments are given as a penalty for an offense. It is usually handed out in hostility and frustration and produces fear and guilt. The child senses this and the outcome is compromised. What the child learns instead is that we should solve problems with physical punishment and degrade the object of our anger in the process. The child’s self image is diminished.

Discipline on the other hand is used to train and to correct. Discipline must be fair. It needs to be explained to and understood by the child if it is to be effective. Discipline must also be prompt, delivered as soon after the offense as possible. Finally, discipline must be terminal; no continued reminders, assured reacceptance. In an environment of discipline the child will learn life’s requirements in the context of love and concern. At this point training can take place. This approach has as its goal the development of responsible behavior. It communicates caring to the child. In an environment of true discipline, the child understands the importance of these requirements for their future, for God, and for society.

When training is done effectively and consistently, the rod of correction is seldom necessary. Take the time to train your children in the way they should go.