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Read Between the Sheets will showcase the sensual nature in erotic and erotic-romance fiction offered by today’s hottest Authors within the genre with featured interviews, short stories, intriguing monthly Hot Spot questions in which guests will battle one another for the ultimate truth.  Read Between the Sheets will celebrate and entice those who pursue to enrich their own sensual journey in today’s world.

Author’s Biography


EBook Author Samara King has penned 7 novellas and 1 novel to her credit all within the African-American, Interracial and Multicultural erotic romance genres ranging from contemporary to paranormal. Samara currently writes for Cobblestone Press, Loose Id and Changeling Press. Samara wrote her first serious novel in the 8th grade when she wrote about a teenage love affair set in war-torn Ecuador and has been addicted to romance ever since. She lives in Chicago land with her precocious son where she indulges in people watching and CSI.  My goal and my pleasure are to offer passionate stories filled to the brim with characters that forge their own way down the path of their dark desires! So whether you love Multicultural, African-American or Interracial Erotic romance, you will find it all here and more! It is in that realm I breathe the sensual truth that love transcends color and sensuality in its rawest sense follows suit. 

 Readers may contact Samara at:

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9 comments on “Read Between the Sheets

  1. sking74 says:

    Welcome to the first official posting of Read Between the Sheets! I have a lot of exciting things planned for you, including the first monthly Hot Spot question (to be posted soon), a hot blog series entitled, The Grown & Sexy Club. However, I am excited to get things underway with a hot interview with the talented Author Gwyneth Bolton! Check out this hot interview in the Literary Divas section!

    Samara King
    Fiction Where Sensuality is King!

  2. Samara King says:

    Thank you very much! It was a fun interview to do 🙂

    Samara King
    Fiction Where Sensuality is King!

  3. Samara King says:

    Upcoming Interviews

    Author Kimberly Kaye Terry
    Author Marilyn Lee
    Mark Goggins Author/Owner of
    Debra of Simply Said

    More to come!

  4. sking74 says:

    Check out this month’s Hot Spot question at:

    Be sure to leave your opinion!

    Samara King
    Best-selling Author of Erotic Multicultural Romance
    Wild Impulses, Coming Soon, Cobblestone Press

  5. Samara King says:

    Welcome to Read Between the Sheets first Hot Spot question! Our participants this month are: Shon Majette, Author and Owner of Big Bone Publishing and Roi Evans, Writer and Musician.

    Hot Spot Question:

    Sex Sales…We’ve all heard that. Some of us write about it! Society feeds off of sensual pleasure in just about every market. Author: do you feel in a personal relationship it is necessary to “keep up with the joneses” as it were with the capitalization on sensuality? Do you ever feel the heat is on in the world of relationships between the sexes?

    Shon says…

    I will preempt myself by saying that I have various views on this question and here they are:
    I feel that as a woman in this society where “Sex Sells” it is overkill on the senses to have a product sold to me using sex or something seen as sexy. I feel like at times we have lost the ability to be creative as producers and we have accepted that loss of creativity as consumers and don’t require non-sexual forms of advertising to support supply and demand.
    As a voluptuous woman, I feel like we aren’t represented in a sensuous manner often enough! I see “Sex Selling” but with the understanding that the outfit must be a size 10 or smaller and for those who love and adore the curvier woman -who by the way represents more than 65 % of the women in the US- this just doesn’t jive!

    As an author, I don’t feel like I have to have sex in my work to sell the work but the industry and buying trends of readers and industry professionals say otherwise. Since ”Sex Sells,” I am going to make sure that the 65% of US female readers in double digit dress sizes have a choice of reading about women who look like them or look like the women their admirers, husbands, boyfriends, and or boy toys like waking up to!

    Roi Says…

    I don’t think “keeping up with the Joneses” is as important as keeping up with your partner. Europe has been sexually free forever while the U. S. of A has been repressed and guilted into feeling bad about, well, feeling good! The bedroom is between you and your partner, so if they want to get down and dirty, strap on your safety belt and enjoy the ride! The only reasons I could see checking on other folks would be if you’re feeling experimental, want to add something new to the repetoire, or you’re simply in a rut. See what you’ve been missing, read the Kama Sutra upsidedown, take a “tour” of your house, one room at a time, just make the experience worth coming back for more! We know sex sells, we just have to remember to carry exact change!

    What’s your opinion?


  6. Debra says:

    My Ex and I had great sex. We did not try to keep up with anyone else beside each other. The Joneses, were probably trying to keep up with US!!! What every we were comfortable doing we would do. If either of us was uncomfortable it was stopped. We liked to try different things for us but not to keep with anyone else. I used to call him my favorite sneakers because he was the perfect fit, and comfortable. Hell some people may thing some of the things we did were freaky, but we could careless we weren’t doing it for you. I have several freaky ass friends and so did he, they would tell us stuff that made my grown ass cringe. Stuff I would never even consider. We did what we liked/loved and the Joneses could go screw themselves crazy.

  7. Samara King says:

    Right on Debra.

    I agree what you do in your own bedroom is your own business!


  8. Hello sis,
    Just stopping by to show some love. It would be so wonderful if you would join ning… are you already there? if not 😉 DO SO!

    Much love,


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