Don’t Drop Da Ball

We all love sports. Men love the battle, the camaraderie, the victories and defeats. Ladies love to see men in uniform being rough, ooh wee, and the money that comes with it. With the fun that a sport brings, there are rules that must be followed. You must stay inbounds, don’t foul out, no illegal contact, and don’t drop da ball.

Athletes work so hard to abide by the rules while on an authorized playing field. They don’t want to be the one to cause the team a penalty that may lead to a game loss. Yeah, on an authorized playing field they are a true team player. They hold on to da ball tight, they even wear a cup to assist in their effort. Don’t drop da ball – by any means necessary!

I can’t understand how they follow the rules for one team, but not the other. Is it because the other team isn’t equal? Is the other team not satisfying their needs? Does the other team not know their place? Till death do us part should make the other team equal to everything. Maybe till death do us part is in intensive care and needs a life saving operation, because by the looks of things, that sucka is on its way outta here.

People get married for the sake of having a wedding, not a marriage. We say that a woman wants a glamorous wedding more so that a man, but I don’t think so. Men want to look fly at a ceremony without putting in the work. They don’t lift a finger to help; just tell their boys to show up in a suit and get ready to drink.

“Well, I paid for whatever she wanted!”

Sorry, you paid for what you wanted. You paid for her to quit nagging you about this or that; you paid for silence and peace of mind. Money and peace will never be equal. The more peace a person has, the more piece of money they will have to pay to keep people from disturbing it. Funny, after all theses years we still haven’t learned that you can’t pay for peace.

The news during the new millennium has had many stories involving dropped balls, and the 90’s, the 80’s, and insert your decade here _____ dayum! Lawd, what happened, have cups gone out of style?

Do golfers wear cups? Maybe that’s Tiger Woods excuse. He has hit da balls on courses all over the world and I know he knows golf rules. When da ball is going towards the wrong target yell fore! That fool saw da balls going in the wrong direction and didn’t say a thing! Now he has to pay a penalty for his team…

Do basketball players wear cups? Maybe that’s Kobe Bryant’s excuse. He knows da balls are supposed to be dribbled on a basketball court. Since when did they put a basketball court in a hotel room that can only be played on from the backside? He is still paying interest on his team’s penalty…

Michael Jordan simply got confused. He tried to play basketball and golf and mixed up the rules. He didn’t know if he should yell fore or call a time-out. Instead of taking a step back and re-reading the rules, he just dunked da balls and swung da putter hoping for a good score. Not! Paying a team penalty for life ain’t no joke; no wonder he sells draws…

Steve McNair. I’m not saying anything. Till death do us part.

Michael Strahan should have put da ball between that field goal gap in his teeth instead of another woman’s flesh. Now he’s taking da balls to a field that has had funny balls in it for years. I hope da balls have a sense of humor and a lot of money…

OJ Simpson’s balls made him go crazy. If da balls aren’t getting enough playing time they just back up and burst.

Wilt Chamberlain was a ball-aholic. He didn’t get the nickname The Big Dipper solely for his skills on the court. I hope da balls were covered when he dipped them; passing illicit coatings around – barf, gag, vomit, shit, that’s nasty!

What has our society evolved into? When God made Eve for Adam did He have a wedding ceremony, or did He say “Here, Adam, tear it up and do what you want with it. And when you’re ready, take da balls wherever you want.” That doesn’t sound right to me, but maybe my hearing is shot.

Whose responsibility is it to keep track of da balls? Which team with the contract should make sure da balls don’t end up in the wrong game? Maybe we will figure that out one day; but until then, don’t drop da ball.

I luv yah’ll.

Wanda D. Hudson
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